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Dufas Asset Manager Code

BNP Paribas Asset Management – operating in the Netherlands through BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT France, Netherlands Branch (‘BNPP AM Netherlands’) – provides services for both retail and institutional investors in the Netherlands. For retail investors, this takes place through the distribution and management of investment funds, while services to institutional investors comprise management of investment mandates, fiduciary management or the management of investment funds.

BNPP AM Netherlands is an active member of DUFAS, the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association, the Dutch representative association of investment institutions and asset managers. DUFAS adopted the Asset Manager Code, setting out ten General Principles for asset managers. By clicking the logo below, you can read the /DUFAS Asset Manager Code.

The main focus of the general principles is on putting the interests of asset management clients first, good governance on the part of asset managers and investment funds and a high degree of transparency in respect of returns and costs. BNPP AM Netherlands endorses these principles and explains annually on how it has applied them.

As BNPP AM Netherlands’ activities form an integral part of BNP Paribas Group’s international asset management activities, many processes have an international basis. It goes without saying that the practices and regulations as they apply in the Netherlands are taken into account, including guidelines following from the DUFAS Asset Manager Code.

Please find below the ten principles and BNPP AM Netherlands’ 2020 feedback and also the Principles of Fund Governance and the DUFAS Principles of Fiduciary Management to which reference is made.

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