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Sustainable investing


Investing sustainably means putting your money to work on issues ranging from adapting to and mitigating climate change, improving working conditions and diversity, to tackling inequality. More and more, investors want to invest sustainably: they want to combine investing for a financial return with a positive contribution to the environment, society or both. At BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM), our full suite of investment strategies integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. Our product range thus reflects an understanding of your need for long-term sustainable investment performance and your ambitions for a better world.  


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Quite simply, it is worth it. Financially, the results from investing with an appreciation of the environment, high social standards and responsible business conduct – the pillars of sustainable investing – can be attractive.

Investing sustainably mitigates risks, for example, by steering clear of companies that are exposed to pollution lawsuits, labour unrest, shareholder revolts or other events that can damage their reputation and their economic results. So, taking into account these risks, the long-term performance of a sustainable investment approach can be better than that of traditional investment approach.

Also, quite simply, it makes sense. In the long run, our planet is served better with low-carbon energy, environmental sustainability, and equality and inclusive growth. As an investor, you can help shape a better world by investing sustainably.


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Investing for your own good and that of the wider world means investing with an asset manager with extensive experience, a global presence, and proven research capabilities.

We have been at the forefront of sustainable investing for almost 20 years: in 2002, we launched our first socially responsible fund. Since then, we have built out our offering, rigorously integrating ESG criteria across the board, and working hard to align all our portfolios with international standards and the Paris Agreement goals.




At BNPP AM, ESG criteria are central to the way we come up with investment ideas, construct portfolios, control risk and use our influence with companies and markets to improve sustainability.

Across all asset classes and geographies, our funds now reflect a sustainable investing approach. And for investors that wish to invest with an even more explicit ESG angle, we also offer enhanced ESG thematic and impact funds as part of our Sustainable Plus suite.

Enhanced ESG funds

Thematic and impact funds

Our enhanced ESG funds invest in the most sustainable companies, leading to results that reflect even more stringent ESG selection criteria and/or strict carbon footprint targets. Our thematic funds invest in companies providing solutions to specific environmental and/or social challenges, while our impact funds invest with the goal of having a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact.

Featured funds

Featured funds





While BNPP AM has engaged in sustainable investing for almost two decades, research into this area is fairly new. We are committed to expanding the body of academic research that supports the case for sustainable investing.

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