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Thematic investing


Global megatrends, such as digital transformation and climate change, are increasingly shaping our societies and economies. These powerful trends can create compelling investment opportunities, which investors can capitalise on through thematic strategies. BNP Paribas Asset Management offers a comprehensive range of thematic strategies, focused on two key areas: sustainability and secular innovation and disruption.



Megatrends influence both how we live our lives and how businesses operate. They will continue to do so for years, if not decades. Companies linked to these themes could offer strong long-term growth potential.

In addition to capital growth, thematic investing can provide:

  • Transparency: Investors benefit from having a clear idea of what they are investing in
  • Diversification relative to traditional, benchmark-oriented strategies
  • Alignment to individual or corporate values



BNP Paribas Asset Management is a leader in the thematic investing space.

Our dedicated thematic teams draw on our extensive research capabilities and investment expertise to offer an innovative range of funds that target opportunities across two key areas: sustainability and secular innovation and disruption.

In line with our wider investment philosophy, all our thematic funds seek to deliver long-term sustainable investment returns.



Our thematic funds are high-conviction portfolios that invest across countries, sectors and market capitalisations to harvest the benefits of the specific theme.

Sustainability Secular innovation and disruption

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID). It states that the risk of this product is very high, namely 7 on a scale of 7.



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